The powers

  • railway vehicles welding and parts of railway vehicles according to IN EN 15085-2 NORM – Level CL1
  • production of steel and aluminium constructions according to DIN 18800-7: 2008-11 Klasa E
  • full quality requirements concerning metal materials welding according to PN EN ISO 3834-2 norm
  • acknowledgement of  steel welding technology: S 235, S 275, S 355, S 690, S 960 in the gauge range from 2 to 120 mm
  • acknowledgement of steel welding technology from Gr. 8.1 acc. to CR ISO 15608 (austenitic) in the gauge range from 4-16mm
  • welding personell entitelments to welded joints  testing: VT, PT, MT, UT