The offer

We offer You the workmanship of articles and steel constructions basing on clients documentation. We are prepared for mass production of repetetive elements and subassemblies for the mining industry, rail vehicles, building machines and similar constructions up to 8 tons maximum mass.

We also perform individual errands from our own or given materials up to 10 tons maximum mass:
–    welding and assembly instruments,
–    cranes and gantries subassemblies,
–    special pallets for large-size elements transport;
–    ships specialist equipment (winches, elevators arms, etc)

We employ over 120 high qualified people, including welders with extended powers and highly experienced fitter brigades meeting norms PN EN 287-1: 2011

Our equipment:

1. Production area:
–    assembly room I – 1000m²
–    assembly room II – 1000m²
–    assembly room III – 600m²
–    warehouse  – 2000m² (partially roofed and adjusted to production purposes)
2. Anticorrosive protection:
–    a shot blasting booth  sized 4,5m x 10,5 m x 3,5m
–    two painting chambers ,150m² surface
3. Welding equipment
–    MIG/MAG semiaotomatics
–    numerically controlled burner Messer (gaseous cutting up to 200mm, plasma cutting up to 6mm, the maximum length of burned elements 12m)
–    CNC robot for article edges biasing
–    manual oxygen-acetylene torches, Quick (Messer) pruning shears
4. Mechanical cutting:
–    guillotine (L = 3250mm, 12mm thickness)
–    band saw (cutting maximum section 450 mm x 450 mm)
5. Presses:
–    hudraulic trimmimg with CNC control – 250 tons of pressure, L = 3700mm
–    hudraulic 100 Tons and 400 Tons of pressure
–    mounting and straightening presses.
6. Mechanical processing:
–    extruders (machined element mass 5 tons)
–    turning lathes, milling-machines, universal drills.
7. Joints inspection:
-ultrasonic flaw detector EPOCH 4 with equipment
– zygomatic magnet Unifux UF 230 for MT testing